Loving Lemons

Loving Lemons

In an attempt to reduce my caffeine intake, I’ve started enjoying lemon, ginger and honey.. it really is delicious – and healthy!

Just pour boiling water over a sliver of ginger, a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey in your favourite mug and remember to drink it!

Lemons are so versatile. Here are 5 delicious ways to enjoy them…

1. Stir a teaspoon of lemon juice into a hot tisane to help prevent colds and flu during winter months. Fresh thyme leaves, a spoonful of honey and a little lemon juice is delicious and a great preventative medicine.

2. Pour lemon juice, to taste, on pancakes and sprinkle over a little sugar.

3. Use lemon juice in home-made salad dressings to add a little extra zest to your greenery!

4. Squeeze a little lemon juice over cooked kale or other green veg, according to taste.

5. Grow a lemon tree at home and you can pick a fresh lemon every time you indulge in a G&T!

I found this delicious lemon tree on Amazon (UK)

YouGarden Citrus Lemon Tree

Delicious full size fruit within 12 months
Fantastic value for a tree of this quality
Super-fragrant summer blossom
Supplied as a 4 ft tall, fully mature tree in a 6.5 Litre pot

Lemons have been used in medicinal preparations for generations. They are a source of dietary fibre and an average lemon weighing approx. 58g contains around 30mg of vitamin C.
Lemons are used in many commercial products because of their grease cutting and bleaching agents.

(I’ve heard it said that real lemons are used in lemon polish and lemon-flavoured chemicals are used in lemonade .. hhmm )

– Lemon juice is a well-known astringent and is beneficial in helping dry out very greasy hair. Lemon juice will dry the hair so don’t use too much.
-And because lemons are so astringent, they can help cut grease in the kitchen. Many well-known washing up liquids and detergents have lemon juice added.


Don’t throw away old slices or pieces of lemon. Use them to wipe round the sink every time you wash up. It cuts through any greasy spots and leaves a lovely smell behind.

Leave a slice over the outlet so that the water draining away will contain some lemon juice and help clean through the pipes and drains.

Linda x

P.S. There’s a downloadable Lemon growing guide on this page Mini Guides

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