Gardening in August

Gardening in August

At this time of year, there should be tons of crops available. Remember to pick them, oh, and eat them of course. If you have too many, give them away or swap with other growers, or if possible freeze a few for later in the year.

**Keep an eye out for bugs and birds. Warm days tend to encourage wildlife to feast on your veggies. If you are netting fruits and vegetables, choose a wildlife-friendly netting system so birds don’t get their wings tangled.

**Blight can be an issue when the weather is humid – keep earthing up your potatoes or use an organic product to prevent outbreaks of blight. If plants have already been affected, pull them up and burn. Don’t let them infect other plants.

**It may be worth sowing a few fast growing veggies now; radishes and mixed salad leaves tend to come up very quickly, and they’re also great crops for children to grow.

**Create a small patch of garden for the children – they’ll have fun while learning about food and how to grow it! Choose fast growing crops though to keep them interested.

**Tidy up strawberry beds, removing any runners or diseased plants.

**Pop in a line of dwarf french beans – they grow quickly and love the warm weather. Remember to water them. Try the ‘pongo’ variety.

**Water thoroughly if you are experiencing a hot dry summer in your region, and don’t forget the pots. Pots dry out faster than open ground.

**Some onion sets and garlic can be planted now. Garlic tends to like a period of cold weather – but check on the variety before you buy.

And while you’re relaxing in the sunshine, why not do a little garden planning for next year? Growing your own food is so rewarding – and nourishing, and can save a few trips to the supermarket as well. 🙂

Happy Gardening!

Linda x

P.S. There are some fabulous garden themed downloads here at Healthy Living Books. Pop over to the Garden and Plants page and get those green fingers gardening!

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