No More Scarves


Royals do it, top models do it, children do it, grannies do it and men used to do it before women (quite spectacularly) took over.

Knitting is making a comeback!

I am so pleased. After furtively knitting and designing knitwear for years, now it’s time to wave the woolly flag and share some of my creations 🙂

When you start to knit, the first thing you’re likely to make is a scarf, which is okaaay, but a teensy bit boring perhaps. It seems to take forever to knit a scarf when you’re just beginning, and pretty much guaranteed to put you off knitting before you really get started.

So, now for something completely different!

Once you can cast on, cast off and knit a couple of basic stitches, you can unleash your imagination and create all sorts of things; practical, decorative and even entertaining, which is where The Ekokids come in.

The Ekokids are knitted teenage dolls with vast wardrobes of clothes – an eco-version of ‘Barbie’ but so much more.

They are:

Quick to make with very few tools and materials needed
Easy to dress and undress
Unique and personalized
Soft and cuddly
Fun and edgy
And very inexpensive to make.

The Ekokid patterns have been in development for 10 years and are easy to follow with step by step instructions to make your own collection of Ekokids and outfits. The Ekoknits book, pictured above, includes the basic doll pattern, over 50 clothes patterns and a few handy knitting tips thrown in for good measure 🙂 You can download it instantly from Etsy now!

If you don’t want to go for the whole fashion extravaganza there are separate patterns listed on The Ekokids’ own page here at Healthy Living Books.

Browse the delightful designs here.

Happy Knitting!

Linda x

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