Go Barefoot

healthyliving-gobarefootBadly fitting shoes can result in physical problems such as corns and bunions.

But even well fitting shoes aren’t particularly good for your health, even if they do have ‘environment friendly’ rubber soles.

We may not be able to go back to nature and run around barefoot, but it has been proven that walking barefoot helps us become ’grounded’.

The earth is full of negative electrons and the atmosphere full of positive ones. Being positively charged all the time can lead to oxidization and swelling in the body which in turn can cause many negative effects, such as allowing free radical cells to roam free and unrestricted.

Grounding ourselves for a few minutes each day releases all those positively charged electrons and re-balances our natural biological state which, after all, should be perfect.

Grounding really means being in skin contact with the earth. A stroll around the lawn barefoot, a quick dip in the sea or even a shower will bring you in contact with the earth and release those positive electrons.

One of the reasons all our best ideas come when we are in the shower is because of the creative juices being released as soon as the stress of all those positive electrons starts to leave us.

You can ground yourself in many ways, as long as there is skin contact with the earth –

  • pottering in the garden with your plants
  • hugging a tree
  • leaning on a metal pole that’s in contact with the ground
  • taking a shower (baths don’t work the same – if you have a rubber seal to contain the water, you aren’t in contact with the earth. You could grab a few seconds by staying in the bath while the water flows out!)All these actions will bring you in contact with the earth and release those positive electrons.

With all the food and diet news in recent years, we are nearly all aware of the importance of good fresh food, packed with vitamins and minerals. However, scientific research shows that by being in touch with the earth, the minerals that we need are automatically absorbed by our bodies. When we aren’t grounded, these minerals can easily be expelled leaving behind a deficiency which can lead to various medical conditions.

Minerals are needed for strong teeth and bones, healthy nervous and immune systems, as well as just about every important bodily function we can think of. Luckily the scientists have done all the technical work, and all we really have to do is remember to ground ourselves on a daily basis. The longer you can be in touch with the earth the better.

It’s been recognized that 40 or 50 minutes every day of ‘grounding’, will reduce toxins and inflammations. It will improve skin condition and re-balance the acid/alkali content in our bodies.

So kick off those shoes and enjoy an upturn in your physical, mental and spiritual health.

I hope the sun’s shining in your world today.


P.S. If you really can’t find the time to jog around the garden barefoot, or maybe more to the point, if it isn’t practical 🙂 these earthing mats may be the answer. I haven’t tried them but they do have good reviews. (around £30) There are also a few interesting earthing shoes on Amazon.



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Your Good Health!

Linda x

The Magic of Weeds

Weeds are simply wild plants and can hold a huge range of medicinal and nutritional properties, just waiting to be used.

Flowering weeds will also help encourage bees to your garden, and plants can be easily contained if you harvest them before they seed.




Dandelions may be a gardener’s nightmare, but they are amazing little plants;

-Young leaves can be added to salads – only use very young leaves as they become bitter with age.

-The milky sap inside the stem can help cure warts and verrucas. Dab onto wart as it begins to show.

-The flowers can be made into a jam. (“tried, tested and delicious!”)

-The roots are used in dandelion and burdock cordials and also can be roasted and ground to make a caffeine-free substitute for coffee.


Don’t mow down the daisies before you enjoy their magic!

Daisies have been recorded as a medicinal herb for centuries. They have been used to treat many ailments.

-Make a tisane from the flowers to soothe stress and anxiety

-Daisies have been used to treat wounds on battlefields and can help soothe bruising.

-A concentrated liquor or essence of the roots can help chronic skin disease such as eczema.


– Wear gloves to protect your skin – unless you’re into ‘grabbing the nettle’ 🙂

-Young nettle leaves are full of vitamins and minerals and can be used in salads and soups and steamed as a green vegetable.

-Make a tisane, adding other natural ingredients to taste, e.g. honey, lemon etc;

-And the whole plant can be used to make a greenish dye.


Collect some or all of these garden ‘weeds’ in any combination, for a super tonic to relax in the bath with:

-lawn daisies (flowers)
-dandelions (flowers and leaves)
-nettles (young leaves)
-blackberry/bramble (leaves)

Crush flowers and leaves together and place on a square of muslin. Bring up the edges to form a bag and tie securely with a length of string. Make a loop in the string and hang over the hot tap. Let the hot water run through the herb bag. Lie back and enjoy.

NB: When self-medicating, double and triple check your plants, methods of preparation and recommended doses – Google recipes and cross reference before you start treating yourself. Don’t be put off by 5 or 10 minutes research though. The long term benefits are priceless!


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Your Good Health!

Linda x