Family First



Now the new school year is starting again, it’s easy to slip into the everyday drudge and forget to treat ourselves – until Christmas, then we over indulge like there’s no tomorrow – shocking!

Would you like to change and improve your health, finances or general lifestyle ?

Many of us feel stuck in our everyday lives with jobs, homes, businesses and families to cope with, and a radical change just doesn’t seem practical or cost effective. But you don’t need to make huge sweeping changes to improve your lifestyle. Baby steps will take you to the top of the mountain if you just keep on taking them!

**grow a few herbs and add a little pizazz to everyday meals
**take up a relaxing hobby that has practical results, for example you could knit scarves as Christmas presents or create your own beautiful greetings cards. The possibilities here are endless.
**enjoy the simple things in life, walking in nature or playing Monopoly with the kids.
**Meditate – yes you can find the time!

Thinking outside that everyday humdrum box doesn’t have to be difficult- or expensive. Enjoy the moment 🙂

Linda x

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