Knitting Rocks!


Knitting is simply a series of slip knots created with two sticks and a length of yarn. It used to be a male dominated hobby, and in certain regions fishermen still knit their own jumpers.

At some point in history – information is a bit sketchy as to ‘when’ – women took over. And over the years, knitting has gone in and out of fashion.

However, about ten years ago, ‘yarn bombers’, or ‘guerilla knitters’ hit the streets and a few years later the famous ‘Stitch ‘n’ Bitch’ book was published, leading to stitch ‘n’ bitch groups springing up all over the UK and America.

Knitting is here to stay. Even the Duchess of Cambridge has been quoted as saying she’s taking up the hobby. If that isn’t reason enough here’s a few more to inspire you 🙂

10 Great Reasons to pick up those knitting needles

1. Cut Gift Costs

Everyone appreciates a home-made gift. Even if you knit a scarf in random colours with oddments of yarn it will be a unique piece of work and will be lovingly worn.

2. Relax

Knitting has been proved to be a great de-stress hobby. Simply counting stitches is surprisingly relaxing. Get comfortable before you start, to get the full benefit.

3. Create Unique Designer Clothes

It’s not difficult to make your own clothes. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the sky’s the limit. Some people prefer to knit delicate lacy items, others prefer chunky quick-to-make things. Personally I like to dabble in both!

4. Sell Your Wares

Get good at this, and you could be knitting jumpers to order, or soft toys to sell for a school fete or charity bazaar.

5. Personalized Toys for the Kids

There are many patterns for soft toys. The Ekokids were inspired by a desire to make toys for my children rather than buying them. And they proved so popular they are now going global!

6. Learn a Survival Skill

Yes, it is a survival skill. With two sticks and a length of yarn, you can make cloth. Ta dah!!

7. Saves you from Munchie Attacks

One of my personal favourite reasons. When you knit, your hands need to be clean and definitely NOT sticky. And the very act of making something takes your mind off the snacking habit.

8. Inexpensive

You can pick up a 100g ball of yarn and knitting needles for under a fiver (less than $10) And to give you an idea of what that will make; one 100g ball of double knitting yarn will knit four basic Ekokid dolls. So with a few oddments of other colours and a little toy filling, 4 dolls can be produced for very little cash.

9. Eco Friendly

We are pretty much obliged to buy many plastic products which eventually land up in a big hole in the ground. However, we can avoid a few plastic toys maybe. Knit them!

10. Comfort Zone

This is a hobby you don’t have to dress up for. In fact the more comfortable you are the better. No special equipment, no clubs to join – although some of the local Stitch and Bitch classes can be fun – and you can relax in your favourite armchair, while creating a family heirloom or two 🙂

Happy Knitting!

Linda x

P.S. I found this bumper yarn pack on Amazon (UK). There’s a huge choice but this pack is a very good price with lots of colours and is definitely going on my wish-list!

Marriner Yarns Double Knit Bumper Pack | 20 x 100g Balls of Double Knitting Yarn (6000m Approx)

“About this item: If you are looking for wonderfully soft, yet cheap, double knitting wool, then you’ll be hard pressed to find anything more affordable than our classic Double Knit yarn. Made with 100% premium acrylic yarn, our Double Knit range is soft, lightweight, and machine washable at 40°C. The perfect replacement for cheap DK wool, it’s no surprise that our Double Knit yarn is our most popular range.”

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