Apples & Pears


There are thousands of different cultivars of apple and pears.

Generally the best ones to grow at home are those already growing in your region. It’s sometimes worth trying something special but best do the research first so you know how to care for your tree before you start.

With so many different cultivars available, there are inevitably many different types of apples and pears;

dessert, cider, cooking, crisp and green, soft and red and various combinations. Some are sweeter than others, some are juicier.

Make sure you know what type you like to eat before you buy your tree. If you enjoy making fruit pies, grow a ‘cooking’ apple or pear if it grows well in your region.

Quick checklist before you buy: (taken from ‘How to Grow Apples & Pears’, details below.)

-Check pollination requirements
-Look at planting and pruning instructions
-Make sure the bark and roots are healthy and undamaged before buying
-Consider the potential size of your tree.
Apples and pears can be bought as ‘cordons’ that stay small but crop well. They are ideal for a small space and can be grown successfully against a south facing wall or fence.
Small bush varieties are suitable for a slightly larger garden and if you have an acre or two, you could always go for the full-sized versions.



Grab this updated edition of ‘How to Grow Apples and Pears’ so you can get the best from your trees;

Listed on our Mini Guides page.


Happy Gardening!

Linda x



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