One of my favourite childhood memories is of gathering enough blackberries to make a blackberry and apple crumble – the best dessert in the world!

All berries are power packed super foods. Blackberries are high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants and really do help to keep your body healthy. Blackberry leaves, as well as the fruits, have been used medicinally for many years. Blackberry leaf tea is sold commercially as a tonic and pick-me-up – organic fresh leaves from your garden could be even better!
A small cup of fresh blackberry leaf tea every day will help build the immune system and in turn help prevent colds and flu bugs.

There are thornless varieties available now that you can grow in a small back garden. These look irresistible! From Amazon (UK)

Pair Thorn-less BlackBerry Plants 2L pots

Pick juicy Blackberry fruits in your own garden – without the brambles! Producing abundant crops of large, firm berries that are simply bursting with gorgeous sweet juice, you’ll be able to reliably pick the wonderful fruits from August to the first frosts each year, and best of all, there are no thorns in your way.

Or, if you know someone with a thriving raspberry patch who could donate a few canes, have a go at propagating them yourself!

Cuttings should be taken from a healthy plant after it has finished fruiting for the year. Cut lengths of stems and push the cut end into potting compost or well-prepared seed beds. Dipping the cut end in hormone powder or gel before planting gives them a better chance.

Look after them through the winter. They will need watering if kept indoors, and probably protecting from the cold if outdoors.

“Always plant more cuttings than you’ll need. They don’t always work!”

The following spring, the cuttings should have started developing roots. If the plants look healthy and are starting to produce leaf, then they are probably ready to move to their prepared spot in the garden. If not, be patient!

Happy Gardening!

Linda x

Grab this updated edition of Growing Blackberries – I’ve included the best dessert recipe too 🙂


How to Grow Blackberries

Download from your favourite retailer on our Mini Guides page

Nothing goes better with blackberries than apples! Enjoy this delicious combination in crumble form … Apple and Blackberry Crumble

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