Garlic has been cultivated as a food and healing herb for 5000 years. It was thought at one time to have aphrodisiac properties and was therefore not eaten by monks, young women or anyone who shouldn’t have their passions aroused!

There are many myths and legends attached to garlic. Modern science has proved that it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties so maybe it really did ward off nasty bugs.

Growing garlic bulbs with your vegetables will certainly help deter the bad bugs away from your crops. Strong smelling herbs are always a good addition to a vegetable plot.

Healthy Reasons
Garlic has been known as a super healing herb for centuries. It’s been used in herbal medicines to treat many ailments including the common cold.
Garlic has proved itself to be a powerful antibiotic although should never be taken in large doses. Garlic also has antioxidant properties which help protect against free radicals and is a good source of vitamin C and B vitamins.

Download this step by step guide to growing garlic at home.




How to Grow Garlic (updated edition)

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Happy Gardening!

Linda x

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