Wild strawberries can still be found in some unspoiled areas – often in light woodland.

However, wild strawberries tend to be smaller and not always as sweet as the hybrid varieties we grow today.

They are good to make jam with though, so if you have some wild strawberries growing, it may be worth letting them grow and experiment with a little jam making!

Healthy Reasons
All berries are power packed super foods. Strawberries are rich in vitamins, particularly vitamin C and contain dietary fibre.

Strawberries also contain phenol which is an anti-inflammatory and helpful in treating asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Leaves, as well as the fruits, have been used medicinally for many years. Strawberries have been said to cure anything from kidney conditions to throat infections. But we definitely know they are packed with vitamins and taste delicious so well worth growing at home.

Botanically, strawberries aren’t a real fruit but an ‘aggregate’ fruit – I believe this may have something to do with having seeds on the outside of the ‘fruit’ rather than encased in an outer skin like other berries. Apparently, a strawberry fruit ( I am going to keep on calling them fruits, whether it’s botanically correct or not!) can have up to 200 seeds on the outside.

Strawberry beds should be moved every few years, although I think that’s flexible! They send out runners with baby plants on the end. (Nature is so clever 🙂 ) and you can re-plant these babies to start a new bed. Or go for a container option. Plants tend to be more manageable in a purpose built container or planter.

I haven’t tried these yet, but I could do with the gaining a little space that’s being used by the regular strawberry beds. This one is on Amazon (UK) but if you’re going to a garden centre, check their planters as well.

FOVERN1 Strawberry Grow Bags, 2 Pack 10 Gallon Gardens Hanging Strawberry Planter

“2 Pack 10 gallon strawberry planter bags come with 12 holes per planter and allow planting multiple strawberry plants at the same time. Other plants can also be grown, such as Tomato plants.”

Plant according to recommendations that came with your strawberry planter, or use large pots and allow 12” of space all round each plant. Pots and containers tend to dry out quickly and should be watered regularly. Keep in a sunny position where possible.

How to Grow Strawberries will help you grow the freshest organic strawberries you can enjoy all summer.


How to Grow Strawberries (updated edition)

Choose from your favourite retailer on our Mini Guides page

Happy Gardening!

Linda x

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