As well as being effective in preventing colds, flu and infections, garlic is known to help reduce high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It has anti-fungal and antibiotic qualities.

Garlic is part of the large group of plants belonging to the onion family and was cultivated as long ago as 3000BC. Wild garlic has been around even longer.

The Romans believed that garlic gave strength and workmen and soldiers were encouraged to use it. It was also supposedly a good hangover cure in Roman times.

Garlic has been found in Egyptian tombs and was believed to be an offering to the gods. It was also used in embalming oils, and is still considered to be useful as a preservative.

Garlic has been the number one herb for warding off vampires and bad spirits for centuries, and there are many myths and legends attached to it.

So, vampire-slayer, preservative and medicinal aside, garlic is delicious! Grow some yourself… This handy download will help you grow twenty every day herbs including garlic:




20 Everyday Herbs

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Happy Gardening!

Linda x

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