Baby Lettuces


Lettuce seedlings are best re-potted as they gain a lot of strength in their early stages of growth and you want to plant out tiny lettuces rather than seedlngs with only one or two leaves.

Seedlings may re-establish themselves in the veggie patch but they are really fighting against the odds. A hot sun can shrivel tiny plants in a couple of hours and birds can easily pull out seedlings – and they will.

Transplant lettuce seedlings in a seed tray or pots and look after them until they are ready to go out in the big wide world of the veggie patch.

Use bio-degradable pots whenever you can. These can be bought or make them yourself from cardboard tubes or even rolled up newspaper. They don’t have to last for long and re-planting is a lot easier and nicer to your plants as there’s no danger of roots being damaged.

You could always do it in style and buy a pot maker! Handy if you’re making lots. I found this one on Amazon (UK) but they have quite a few so have a quick browse to see which one you prefer.

Go to the Garden department and type ‘pot maker for seedlings’ in the search bar.

Look after your babies! This growing guide will help you get the most from your plants.


How to Grow Lettuce (updated edition)

Download from your favourite retailer on our Mini Guides page

Happy Gardening!

Linda x

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