Apart from all the wonderful fruit, veg and herbs and flowers you can grow in the garden to keep everyone healthy and away from the processed food, gardening is one of the best hobbies you can take up for grounding reasons.

Since I was little, I remember being told that it’s good for you to go outside without shoes, and lately there has been scientific research proving that grounding is one of the best possible things you can do for your health – mentally, physically and spiritually, but notably, at first glance, definitely physically.

The atmosphere is charged with positive electrons and the earth with negative. Because we tend to live in carpeted houses, go to work in insulated offices, and wear rubber soled shoes, many of us are actually carrying a huge amount of positive electrons in our bodies which in turn can put the system out of sync!

As soon as you touch the earth with your bare skin, the positive electrons are released into the earth and neutralized. Wow – nature is amazing isnt it?:-)

Obviously we can’t run around on the beach or the lawn whenever we want to – shame – but we can remember to get in touch with the earth from time to time – it’s good to get about 45 minutes of being in touch with the earth every day – but one minute is better than none!

To your good health

Linda x

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