Let the Sunshine in


“Let the Sunshine in!”

Welcoming the sunshine into your home can highlight all sorts of murky corners and piles of stuff littered about. So it’s opening windows and cleaning time!

The easiest way to spring clean is to de-clutter first. The word ‘clutter’ comes from, I believe, a Latin word meaning to coagulate. There is no way you want to be coagulating up your world. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep a house tidy, especially if there are little peeps sharing the same space!

The way to do it is to get organized. Take it one step at a time. When we get overwhelmed with anything, we tend to fall into a place of stress – anxiety, panic, sheer lack of motivation. And the job won’t get done. Clutter can be a very dis-empowering state and, after all, our environment does make a difference.

So, start from the top. If you have an attic packed full of ‘stuff’ and you don’t use the space for living, ignore it for now. Get the rest of the house in order, then you can start bringing things down and sorting them slowly. If the clutter in the attic isn’t actually in your way or in your face, it can be postponed.

Things to have before you start:

**rubbish bags
**perhaps a cleaning cloth or two.

And most importantly

**A desire for tidiness!

TIP: Don’t try and tackle it all at once. Be realistic. If the house hasn’t been tidied for more than a couple of months, take it slowly. Decide on one room at a time. Then choose one particular category in each room; clothes, toys, etc;
Once you get in the swing of tidying you are rewarded with more creativity, productivity and a boatload of feel-good. Once the house is tidy, cleaning is a piece of cake!


De-cluttering will help you organize your space. Choose from your favourite retailer:

Amazon US, Amazon UK, iTunes, Kobo, Payhip, Barnes & Noble, Etsy

Let the sunshine in!
Linda x

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