The Secret Addiction

The drug that’s causing world wide health problems, even fatalities in some cases, is and always has been legal. And no, in this case I’m not talking about alcohol or nicotine.

The drug that generations have been addicted to, and is now manifesting itself in over a million new sufferers of diabetic conditions every year is sugar.

Not the natural sugars that occur in fruit and vegetables, but the processed type that turns up in practically every single packaged food we buy.

Even a tin of soup will probably contain sugar, it may be under a different name; dextrose, glucose etc; but it will still be processed sugar.

The problem is that humans are natural beings and when we feed ourselves with processed foods, our bodies have to work overtime to digest them properly.

This can result in insulin levels being corrupted and lead to sugar intolerances as well as any number of medical conditions such as;

heart problems,

Percentage of fats should be taken into consideration in a healthy diet, but in fact the human body can digest or eliminate fats easier than it can deal with processed sugar.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, watching the calories and doing your best but never quite managing the course, it may be that sugar is a huge obstacle between you and your ideal body.

Processed sugars give us a quick rush of energy, that’s why we use them, but the problem is that the rush becomes a ‘come-down’ very quickly, and although the mind doesn’t consider it as a drug come-down, the body feels differently, and will translate that feeling to the brain to get another sugar rush soon. It surely must be impossible for the untrained mind to eat just one chocolate or jelly out of a box!

Eliminating processed sugar from our everyday diet is not an easy task. But it is possible. Buying or growing fresh foods and checking packets in the supermarket before you buy is a start, but basically it’s all about mindset.

Make up your mind to get off the drugs and be healthy!

Allow a month to start re-training your taste buds, and during that month, experience as many different tastes as possible.

**Grow some herbs and spice up mealtimes.
**Use dried fruits to satisfy the sweet craving. – Check they haven’t been crystallized though.
**Put a few dried dates in a freezer bag and freeze for an hour or two. They come out like chewy caramels -almost!

Often, when processed sugar is eliminated from the diet, the body feels drawn to fruit. Eat as much fruit as you like, it’s much better than using it as an attractive feature in the lounge before throwing it away because no-one would eat it after a large slice of chocolate cake. Well, who would?

Occasionally a small amount of sugar will sneak into your food without you realizing. Don’t worry but be aware and avoid it the next day. After a few weeks, it’s amazing how you can sense sugar content, before tasting it.

It’s very likely there will be a natural weight-loss by avoiding sugar. Because the body doesn’t experience the ‘come-down’ so regularly, we aren’t tempted by the fridge or larder every five minutes, and so naturally eat less.

Speed up the weight loss:

One other danger drug that needs to be mentioned is white flour. Not in itself particularly harmful maybe, but because of the processing, it doesn’t easily digest in the body. White flour – present in pastries and bread as well as cakes and biscuits, has a very similar effect as processed sugar. Avoiding gluten will help.

Getting hung up on calorie counting or fad diets can be tiresome and time consuming. A simple decision to eat healthy stuff instead of processed food will result in a healthy body not an ailing or overweight one.

Bon Appetit!

Linda x

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