Herbs can Save the World


Herbs can Save the World!
I read somewhere that pasta sauces reach 9 out of 10 consumers. How many jars and lids does that add up to I wonder?

I have no idea where to start doing the math, but I think we’re into the billions – of jars sold every year. Ouch.

Where do all those un-recyclable bits go?

Before I start ranting about landfills and killing wildlife, I’m going to share a few points that may make a difference to the way we believe these pasta sauces are convenient. They are certainly quick to use but are we missing something here?

1: The cost of one jar could take 15 minutes to earn… even if you are highly paid, it’s still going to be a few seconds or minutes of your time; working hard to earn enough to buy the jar of sauce that could possibly save 1 or 2 minutes in the kitchen….

2: Whatever way you look at it, it’s processed. There are organic, no-additive sauces available, although usually higher in price (rightly so) but they never have that just-picked taste that you’ll get if you really push the boat out and grow a few tomato plants this year, or buy organic tomatoes.

3: Mini-rant time. The number of plastic tops that get thrown in our oceans and great gaping holes in the ground every day is horrifying. Even if pasta sauces only reach 5 out of 10 consumers, just imagine how many plastic lids we don’t need to make, in the first place.

And now, let’s flip the coin….

Generally a sauce for pasta needs to be a little thick so it tastes and kind of ‘feels’ right. This is where we have to be flexible.. although processing is not so great, a little tomato puree will go a long way..

One tube of puree does, I agree, have a plastic top; although smaller, it’s still a plastic top. I am trying to get some advice about recycling tops but for now, back to the sauce….

Armed with a tube of puree, enter the herb to save the world!

1: A basil plant on your windowsill will repel flies from your home, but more importantly you will have fresh basil leaves available at your fingertips. Pick a few, chop them (a few seconds) and throw them in with the tomato puree.

2: The fresh taste of herbs,whether you use basil, coriander or mint, is incomparible; and every leaf will contain vitamins and minerals you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Oh and don’t forget, almost ZERO calories.

3: You’ll certainly be doing your bit for the environment, if you can reduce your plastic top consumption .. you know what I mean … by a third, that would make a huge difference to the pollution problems the world is facing. Our children shouldn’t have to live with this rubbish. Use your herbs to save the world!

I snuck in a little extra rant there didn’t I? Sorry..

Growing a plant or two isn’t like an extra chore. How many times a day do you go to your kitchen sink? at least once probably.

Every day, or sometimes less, your plant will benefit from a very small glass of water. You don’t have to make it a cup of tea. A tiny sprinkle of water will do. This takes only a second or two.

Greenery in the kitchen always makes the room feel more alive, and the smells are wonderful. If you have ever thought about growing a few herbs, or branching out into the garden and growing vegetables, do it! It’s one of those things you never regret. If you lose a plant or two, well, so be it. Try again. The most professional gardener will lose a plant from time to time.

But, even if you haven’t got any outside space to play in, a few herbs on the windowsill will not only encourage a healthier diet, but will also help save the planet!

Download a copy of Growing Herbs at Home now and you’ll have inspiration and information at your fingertips…


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Happy Gardening!

Linda x

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