I am Worthy

I am Worthy

I am Worthy!

Whatever the month, it could be time to create new beginnings, positive changes and really make a difference in your world in the next year.

Even when you think you’re world is tiny, good feelings ripple out indefinitely, reaching more people than you can imagine.

I’ve studied plenty of self-help theories and practices over the past ten years or so, but when it comes right down to it;

**We have a choice.

**We can become master of our thoughts and really make a difference in our world.

Many of us feel we don’t have a choice, and on the surface that may seem likely. This is one of the reasons hypnosis and self-help practices have become so popular – we need to get beyond that surface tension and find the real ‘me’.

Probably the most effective form of getting to know yourself is meditation….

aaaargh .. Yes I hear you!!!

**no time,
**can’t sit still for long enough to understand what I’m supposed to be doing
**constant distractions

yep, I know …. me too … however, I also know that the most successful people in society today practice meditation.

The meaning of meditation is to become familiar – become familiar with yourself so you can identify those self-limiting beliefs that are causing lack in your life – of wealth, health and spiritual fulfillment.

Self-limiting beliefs cause all sorts of havoc – they convince you that

**You don’t have a choice
**It’s genetic, whatever ‘it’ is
**The world doesn’t work that way
**I’m not worthy

The ‘I’m not worthy’ self-limiting belief is probably one of the most common and dis-empowering beliefs in the world today.

Close your eyes for a minute or two at intervals during the day and think (or speak out loud if no-one’s around)

“I am worthy”

This will encourage you into a different state of being. One that empowers you, slowly but surely.

I originally learned this very powerful tip from one of Louise Hay’s books – “You Can Heal Your Life” and since I started practicing it, a boost of self-confidence has allowed me to improve my life in ways I would never have thought possible.

Take Away:

– Start a do-able meditation practice every day – 5 minutes is better than no minutes
– Tell yourself you are worthy.

Repeat the phrase “I am worthy” to yourself all through the day – be consistent and you will be surprised at how fast you start changing those self-limiting beliefs. It feels kind of weird at first but go with it. Nobody knows you’re doing it … this is for you.

Love yourself – you ARE worthy. 🙂

Linda x

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To your Good Health!

Linda x

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