Put the Fizz Back in the Physical

Put the Fizz Backin the Physical

Is the fizz still alive in your relationship or is real life getting in the way far too often?

Lack of intimacy can be the cause of frustration and discontent in an otherwise hunky dory relationship.

Of course, sex isn’t the sole reason we stay together but putting the spring back in your bed-springs can help you feel young and sexy again! Here are five ways to put the fizz back….

1. In the evening, when you’re about to disappear into the kitchen to deal with the washing up or the packed lunches for the next day, pause for a moment and suggest (delicately?) that your partner does it instead, while you indulge in a relaxing bath. You will feel less irritated with one less chore to do, and you get to de-stress even more in a delicious bath… restful, sensual… need we say more đŸ™‚

NB: Make sure he’s au fait with who likes what for lunch before you let him loose in the kitchen though!

2. If you are your own boss and work from home, try and juggle the time so you can grab a siesta during the day. Don’t feel guilty. Millions of people have a daily siesta. It’s a very sensible way to deal with a busy day. The stuff you weren’t doing while you were resting will get done in half the time if you are rested. Just an hour will revitalize those tired muscles and crazy thoughts. And if you both work from home, a shared siesta could lead to other things …

If you go out to work, somewhere during the day, give yourself time to meditate. 10 minutes of sitting still with no distractions is better than no minutes. And often in meditation, your inner self will come up with some stunning ideas.

3. Could it be his turn to get up for the kids? A mild suggestion the night before clearly reminding him you’ll have more time for a shower in the morning, may just give the testosterone a kick into gear. And if you know you will have an extra 15 minutes in the morning to relax or spend more time in the shower, you may just feel the urge to demand his body – and in the middle of the week as well – shame on you!

4. Make a date to go out and eat occasionally. Lingering over a brandy and a coffee and then leaving the washing up to someone else is a liberating experience to those who generally spend a lot of their ‘non’ working lives in the kitchen. Float home on a red carpet of regal sexuality and worry about the bill tomorrow. Generally finding time to enjoy each other’s company can do wonders for your relationship and well-being.

5. Get in the mood. Think about sex sometimes – Men do every 7 seconds I believe, or was it minutes, anyway, get into it. Indulge in a daydream/fantasy and go all the way. Truly liberating. But it’s also revealing so don’t go casually chatting about it. Hug any fetishes and fantasies you may have to yourself. Keep it a secret you smile with during the day and when you meet the man of your dreams in the evening, you’ll be ready for anything!

Make time for each other during the day if you can. Click on that sexual refresh button and enjoy some physical exercise that not only burns up calories but also make you feel like a million dollars!

To your good health

Linda x

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