Growing Beansprouts


Growing beansprouts isn’t a new age veggie thing – the Chinese have been growing and eating beansprouts for thousands of years.

Many beans can be germinated and eaten while still at the sprouting stage. Mung beans are probably the easiest and quickest to grow.

Other beans and seeds can be used though. In general it’s better to sprout beans and seeds that are fairly small and soft. Larger beans can grow mold before they sprout= inedible!

Try lentils, cabbage seed, fenugreek, alfalfa and of course mung beans.

Most seed packets will have instructions for the best way to growing beansprouts. But just in case, here’s a general overview of just HOW to create those wonderful crisp and nutritious beansprouts the Chinese have sworn by for centuries. ( NO fat, LOW in calories, HIGH in vitamin and mineral content and quick to grow in minimal space )

Growing Beansprouts and How To Do It!

You need:

*a glass or plastic jar ( or tumbler )
*a piece of cloth ( preferably muslin but any cotton cloth will do ) large enough to cover the top of the jar.
*An elastic band to secure the cloth over the top of the jar.

Oh…and some seeds to sprout!


Pour seeds in your jar to about a fifth full or check on instructions on your seed packet.

( A cup of mung beans will make 4 cups of beansprouts. )

Pour tepid water over the seeds and swish around the jar for a few seconds. Then cover the jar with the cloth – secure with elastic band – and drain all the water through the cloth.

Place the jar, with cloth cover, in a warm dark cupboard ( 75 degrees F. is good ).

Every morning and evening, pour warm water over your seeds, drain and replace in cupboard.

Your seeds should start sprouting within 2-6 days depending on the type of seed you’re using.

Eat as soon as the sprouts are one or two inches long.

Keep in a dark place for white shoots. If you prefer green shoots, leave in a lighter place after the seeds have started to germinate.

NB: If you find your beans or seeds grow mold before they start to shoot, try soaking the seed in tepid water for 24 hours before you start. This may be recommended on your seed packet anyway.

Try a few different shoots at the same time, and make it a daily part of your household chores to water and drain them. ( It’s easy to forget one solitary jar hiding in the airing cupboard! )

Growing beansprouts is probably the cleanest vegetable gardening you can do – and no back ache!

Get the kids involved. They’ll love it 🙂

Here’s a quick Amazon (UK) link so you can get started right away.


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Bon Appetit!

Linda x

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