Moving House

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Oh, the joy of moving house! Moving is apparently one of the most stressful things you can do but, with a little planning and, hopefully, the knowledge that you are moving somewhere nicer it can be a lot less stressful and some of it may actually be fun!

One of the things I concentrated on before I re-located was de-cluttering…. wow, did I have some excess stuff! Everything I owned got the third degree in the months before the big day.
-Do I need it?
-Do I want it?
-Can I do without it?
Well, some of the things I gave away I kind of miss for their practicality – a couple of units that just wouldn’t fit in the van for instance – but in all honesty they wouldn’t have suited my new home, so hey, something new maybe just around the corner.

But big stuff aside, if you’ve been living in your home for a few years and you have a family, chances are there’s a fair amount of clutter you don’t really want or need anymore. When I started de-cluttering the small stuff my local charity shop couldn’t believe their luck. At one point, their shop window looked like my ex-sitting room 🙂

So, if you’re moving home or you just need to re-claim some space, start from the top and take each room/cupboard or drawer in turn. By taking baby steps, overwhelm doesn’t get you and you may find some long lost bits and pieces you thought had gone forever!

I like to follow some simple steps when I tackle a big job so, if you’re like me and could do with a little guidance through the craziness, I put together a step by step process you can download below.

Enjoy the space!
Linda x




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Pink Loveliness

clematisThese beautiful clematis flowers bloomed after just a couple of days of Cornish sunshine. I couldn’t remember what they were called – and I call myself a gardener, tut tut!
My daughter suggested pink loveliness 🙂 which I think suits them much better than the real name which, according to a gardener friend, is actually
‘Clematis Montana Rubens’
It may be too late to plant this year but if you’re planning a pretty garden next year, these must be worth considering. I had a quick look online at Thompson & Morgan’s website – they have a huge selection of clematis and other flowers. Here’s the link if you feel like admiring the beautiful blooms 🙂 Thompson & Morgan

I hope the sun’s shining in your world today

Linda x

Lazy Cook got Tasty!

Lazy Cook got Tasty! pinterest

I am a lazy cook. My excuse is that after cooking for a family of six for years, I’m slightly allergic to kitchens… but really? Actually I used to love to bake, which is probably why I’ve been binge watching the Great British Bake Off on Netflix… ho hum….

So, down to business. I’ve very recently re-located to a beautiful house in Cornwall and sharing it with my grown up son who’s been cooking for the super rich in the south of France for years and puts my lazy dinners to shame! But the best part of this new home is that I have a garden … pure bliss … and I can start growing herbs again.

Herbs can cover a multitude of sins and bring super tastes to an otherwise bland meal. When I lived in France and grew plenty of herbs (and fruit and vegetables) I got away with my lazy cooking skills and now I’m learning from a top chef I can’t wait for my plants to get going.

So, if you’re longing for tingling taste buds and nutritious and delicious dinners, get some herbs growing now. Herbs can be grown on a windowsill or in a bright spot in the house as long as you remember to water them. The house I lived in before this one was painfully dark, damp, cold and oh dear I’m not going there. I was grateful for the roof over my head but that’s about all!

There are a few herby downloads over on this page that you can be immersed in within minutes .. oh, and also I’ve put together an overview of everyday herbs (FREE!) if you would like to check out which herbs to grow before you start.

Happy Eating!

Linda x

P.S. If you grab the Free everyday herbs download I’ll send you an extra surprise gift 🙂

Gardening for Health


“In the past few months I’ve been kind of ‘on the road’ but settling nicely into my new house now and thought it was about time I started blogging again! Maybe I’ll write about my exploits another day but for now, having my own garden, but still feeling a bit overweight and sluggish, has inspired and reminded me of all the wonderful health benefits of gardening and a quick article came pouring out 🙂 ………”


If you are trying to lose weight and busy counting calories every day. And if you are stressing because you can’t get to the gym, or don’t want to be forking out for gym fees, take heart…. there’s a revolutionary new way to lose weight without the struggle and you’ll tone up your body too.

Actually, it isn’t revolutionary at all, but simply a natural way of life that probably kept our ancestors from being overweight and will benefit you and your descendants for generations to come… yep – get out in the garden!

Gardening For Health on a regular basis:

Weather permitting, you should aim to get into the garden for at least 30 minutes every day, even if you ‘re just pottering or planning next season’s flower display. Regular gardening actually burns about the same amount of calories as cycling. It also provides you and your family with food, herbs for medicinal, cosmetic or culinary preparations, and flowers to brighten up your home and keep that ‘feel-good’ feeling right through the year.

The healthiest foods are organic fresh fruit and vegetables and you can eat just about as many as you can without fear of putting on weight. Fruit and veg are high in vitamin and mineral content and most have barely a trace of fat, if any.


Grow your own organic vegetables to make the finest meals for your family….Gardening for health at it’s best!


Thompson and Morgan (UK) are online award winning suppliers of seeds and other products and they have some great pictures to drool over!

Gardening for health with Thompson and Morgan UK 

Gardening For Health continued…

Raw foods are great for the digestion and the chewing reflex. Chewing for longer makes us feel fuller and so we don’t feel the need to supplement our diet with a bag of crisps or other snacks.

A bar of chocolate takes very little time to bite, chew and swallow, so when it’s gone we look around for more. A plate of salad will take ages to chew and swallow, satisfying the chewing and all digestive needs so we feel much fuller. If you ever thought salad doesnt fill you up and is only good for rabbits (?!) think again! It’s full of vitamins and minerals so will feed your body with the fuel it requires, it contains so few calories they are hardly worth counting and it will fill you up.

The vitamins in fresh fruit and vegetables are, in their raw state, the best fuel for your body. Tomatoes are an exception to this rule.

Cooked tomatoes are said to be better for you than raw, but the difference is minimal so don’t feel you have to have cooked tomatoes with your salad! When you’re gardening for health, you don’t have to be too fussy – the vitamins and minerals are there for the taking 🙂

Mix in a few sunflower and pumpkin seeds for the natural oils, and even more healthy vitamins.

If you have the time stroll around the garden in the morning before breakfast and pick a few veggies to eat on your walk round. Chew on a few mange tout, or sugar snap peas and you’ll probably find by the time you go back in the house for breakfast, you’ll only need a yoghurt or a small bowl of cereal to keep you going for the whole morning.

Don’t get hung up with fad diets or crazy exercise routines. Although, having said that, a short exercise routine every day does benefit you in that it will give you more energy and help tone those dodgy bits :-). And a balanced low fat (and low sugar) diet should be enough to maintain your weight or lose a few pounds if you need to.

If you do need to lose a fair amount of weight simply reduce your portions, drink lots of water and be aware of what you’re eating – fresh raw vegetables straight from your garden will satisfy that snacking habit anytime.

NB: Don’t overdo things in the garden. Remember gardening for health not backache!

Happy Gardening!
Linda x
P.S. This quick download will help you get the most from your crops. Ten everyday vegetables are included with healthy reasons and a few easy recipes for every veggie!

Growing EverydayVegetables


Growing Everyday Vegetables
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