Angry Bananas


When I wandered into the kitchen to make a cup of tea – well deserved I might add – the over-ripe bananas on the side were glaring at me, so, terrified into submission, I stopped to make a banana loaf….

This is what it came out like 🙂

This recipe has so many variations, it would be really unlucky if you couldn’t make one from a limited food cupboard.


I tend to open any cupboard that may contain food, related to baking in some way, remove what may or may not work, then collect a few bowls and things before I start.

Doing it like this is so much easier, and when you finish with something, either put it away or wash it up – no messy kitchen to deal with. Keeping it simple is my go-to in the kitchen 🙂

Anyway, here’s the info-graphic of the recipe I posted a while ago and underneath are the possible variations – I’ve only added a few but there are many!

sugar-free gluten-free and dairy-free


*Use ordinary flour if gluten isn’t an issue for you
*Use maple syrup instead of honey – you could use sugar but better not to!
*Use almond, oat or regular cow’s milk instead of coconut milk
*Use melted butter or even olive oil instead of coconut oil
*Use any mixture of dried fruit you prefer or have available

Bon Appetit!
Linda x

P.S. When all ingredients are ready on the worktop, this only takes about fifteen minutes to make -yep only 15 and well worth it 🙂

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