Vampires Begone!


Garlic has so many myths and legends attached to it they would probably fill a whole book, although we do know for sure that it keeps vampires away, so for that reason alone we should definitely grow some!

Garlic is part of the onion family although it is considered to be a herb.

It’s been cultivated for over 5000 years and wild garlic has been around even longer.

In Roman times this wonderful herb was believed to bestow strength and was given to soldiers. It’s also been used as an effective hangover cure, apparently.

Garlic is an excellent herb to have available in your garden. The bulbs store well if kept in the right conditions and can be used through the winter months. Garlic tends to grow easily and needs little looking after.

It has medicinal qualities and is said to cleanse and purify the blood. Garlic is believed to protect against colds and flu and is used to treat infections. It has anti-fungal qualities and is also known to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Planting Garlic:

It is possible to grow garlic from cloves you buy in a supermarket or greengrocers. However, it may have been treated and also may not develop as well as a bulb that is specially grown for planting. Try it if you have the inclination, but otherwise buy a bulb or two from a good garden supplier.

Cloves should be planted directly outside early in the year. They are fairly hardy and can be put out as soon as the ground is workable. Cover with a cloche at night if you are really worried about the cold.

Choose a sunny spot and make sure the ground is well-drained and doesn’t get waterlogged.

Happy Gardening!
Linda x

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