Being a Kid!


Being a Kid is fun!

Before the days of computers and gaming stations, children were obliged to make their own entertainment. This wasn’t a hardship as we didn’t know any different.

Many of us spent our childhoods outside (even when it was raining); riding bikes, climbing trees and generally having fun while working up an appetite for dinner…

However, during longer winter evenings, without a TV or the internet, we found other sources of amusement. These came with very simple materials and often very simple rules.

Finding the fun in everything you do is probably the first rule of thumb. (Getting a Mary Poppins flashback here) A sulky child who won’t play needs another approach maybe, but when they see the fun to be had, most children will gladly join in.

Note: It may be a good idea to exaggerate the fun at first if you come up against resistance. 🙂

Many games can be played outside as well as inside, depending on the weather of course.


As we are never too old to learn, we are never too old to play, and the games in this book, with a few allowances here and there, can be played and enjoyed by all ages – all you need to do is find the kid in you! (Find your favourite book shop over on the ‘At Home’ page.)

So let’s go. Pencil, paper and marbles away… not a charger, battery or a plug anywhere to be found!

Before signing off I must include this quote from George Bernard Shaw that kind of says it all really….

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

Have Fun!
Linda x

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