Tea Snob


(extract from ‘Afternoon Tea’)

How I turned into a tea snob:

Afternoon tea has been a traditional English affair for centuries but over the years has been dropped in favour of a quick snack at lunchtime and a larger evening meal.

This reflects the speed and ‘lack of time’ we all seem to suffer from nowadays – and the fact that most employers take a dim view of their workforce popping out every afternoon for tea and cakes. 🙂

Many dieticians will promote eating ‘little and often’. Of course, they may question the wisdom of eating cake but, hey, a little of what you fancy does you good!

Back in the year 19something, my school separated boys from girls for science lessons. The boys learned how to do ‘man’ things and the girls learned how to do ‘woman’ things… it was a while ago.

One of the girls’ first domestic science lessons was ‘How to Make Tea’. If my memory serves me, we learned this incredibly important skill over the course of three weeks or so. (!) The attention to detail settled in my mind and slowly but surely over the years I became a tea snob.

I am not a happy soul if I have to go without a cup of tea every day. Going abroad can be a nightmare and if someone serves me tea made with a tea bag, I sip cautiously for a few moments then ‘accidentally’ forget to finish it. I blame school entirely for my addiction to the perfect cup of tea

So, as I rather enjoy the habit anyway, I’m going to share with you the fundamental elements to get the perfect cuppa in this elegant little download that includes:

Afternoon Tea

*How to make a perfect cup of tea.
*a traditional Victoria sponge cake recipe
*everyday scones with an ‘afternoon tea’ makeover.
*sandwiches to savour.
*fruit teas and herb teas that change the tone from time to time.

Create cakes and sandwiches to make afternoon tea a royal occasion. Choose your favourite online bookstore –

Amazon US , Amazon UK , Barnes & Noble , Apple iTunes , Kobo , Google Play , Etsy 


Linda x
PS: Please note that the recipes contain gluten, sugar and dairy although a little experimenting with alternative ingredients never goes amiss!

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