I am not a Noun, I am a Free Verb


A few days ago -or it could have been weeks or even months – time flies ay? – anyway, I digress as usual. A while ago, I saw a short video clip of Stephen Fry (one of my absolute favourite people) talking about being verbs and not nouns…

For example I am not just a ‘writer’ but I do write, I am not just a mother, but I do a lot of mothering stuff, same as grandmother, knitter, designer, cleaner, cook, armchair therapist … and the list goes on.

So every person who asks me what I do, tends to get a different answer depending on the conversation, the questioner and sometimes my own mood. Honestly, if you’ve done half a dozen wash-loads today, do you not feel like a laundry woman?!

Maybe the answer to the dreaded ‘what do you do?’ question should be “shall I make a list?” or “where do I start?” and see where we go from there. 🙂

Busy folk everywhere take heart, you are so much more than you think or say you are!

Have a Great Day!
Linda x

P.S. Just realized this is my hundredth blogpost!

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