Penguins of Paradise


Last year (ish) I designed a simple knitting pattern for beginner knitters called Winter Nits – listed here – of a snowman, a father christmas, a penguin and a sleeping bag.

Simple quick to knit and fun to play with. Recently I took it one step further. I bought some new yarn and started making penguins in stunning colours… Penguins of Paradise!

Really, they kind of look like little birds without wings but for pure cute and cuddliness they definitely hit the spot. They fit in the palm of an adult’s hand and they’re so easy for little fingers to hold on to.

You need just a small amount of yarn in a few colours and a scrap of toy filling. And the tools are easy too; a pair of knitting needles, scissors and a darning needle… And tahdah they only take about an hour… Make one in the evening and it can be admired and played with by breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

Added bonus – very cheap to make and NO PLASTIC!!

Happy knitting
Linda x
P.S. I resisted the cheesy joke of saying very CHEEP – did you notice? ๐Ÿ™‚

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