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With school holidays looming, there will be plenty of opportunities to play, have fun and enjoy tons of quality time with the kids, especially if we have a warm dry summer this year – fingers crossed 🙂

Family days out can get expensive and you can’t always rely on the weather being on your side – especially in UK=style climates.

But with a little planning and a little cash, if any, big fun can be had by everyone of every age.

If casting your mind back and replicating games of yesteryear isn’t an option for you, pop over to google and do a quick search for outside or traditional games. I remember loving bean bags as a kid and of course you can buy them on Amazon. These are colourful and fun….


First-Play original Beanbags
size 15cm x 10cm. sold as a pack of 12 assorted colours.

I’m not sure about the fillings though. Apparently commercial bean bags are filled with plastic granules which isn’t a great idea if you’re going completely plastic-free but the other way would be to make them yourself and two-thirds to three-quarters fill them with rice or lentils. Then you’re using food which could be considered wasteful and they will have to be stored in an animal-free zone.

Hmm, as I’ve been promoting non-plastic toys, I’m tempted to go for making them myself – still trying to work out a filling alternative but may just go for rice for now.

Use bean bags to
*play catch – easier for little hands to hold on to
*target practice – throw onto the steps of a small ladder or into a bucket in the centre of the lawn
*have a juggling competition – for those aspiring to circus skills

And if there aren’t any breakables indoors, bean bags can be played with inside as well as out.

Have fun!
Linda x

P.S. Just in case of rain, grab this quick download so entertaining can be an indoor joy as well – actually the games in this little book can all be played outside as well


Indoor Family Games

Choose from your favourite book shop

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