Armchair Days


…. and don’t buy the books yet!

Okay, so I’ve abandoned my office space for a few days – mostly because there’s a pile of bills in there that I’m avoiding – and decamped to an armchair.

This image isn’t real but sitting comfortably with part of my mind in the clouds is.

So, updating books at the moment. I started the growing guides, thinking they may be easier and quicker to sort out. Not so!

I’ve added so many extras and I upload to lots of online platforms that it’s a lot trickier than I thought it would be…. there’s a surprise 🙂

Anyway, this is really just a heads up that the guides will be updated in the next couple of weeks, so don’t buy them yet.

Because I refer to Amazon Garden centre in most of them, Apple won’t publish. I debated whether to change the text, then decided against it so Apple will miss out on the fabulous updated versions!

Right, better plump up those cushions and get back to it.

Have a wonderful day, relax when you can and find time for your own well-being – taking my own advice today, now there’s a first. 🙂

Linda x


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