Rainforest UK

rainforestexperience-pinSo proud of my grandson who just received his university exam results, Straight A’s in 7 modules in his horticultural course!

I’d like to think he’s taking after his Granny but I left school without a qualification to my name, so maybe not 🙂

He’s studying at the Eden project in Cornwall. If you’re in the area, it’s really worth a visit. So much going on. A couple of (particularly cold) winters ago, my friend and I spent many happy hours in their Rain forest Biome, soaking up the heat, the smells and pure enjoyment of the wonderful plants they grow there.

With the over-powering heat this year, the tropical paradise might not be the place you want to spend time in just now, but don’t let that put you off. They have all sorts of wonderful stuff going on….

Outdoor Gardens
Rainforest Biome
Mediteranean Biome and Terrace
Seasonal Plant Highlights
Wetern Australia Garden
Invisible Worlds Exhibition

plus loads of soft play for kids to do, as well as delicious healthy food. Oh, and they’ve just built a couple of new atractions. One of them is a zip wire experience, which of course my grandson and his girlfriend tried out as soon as it was finished!


He’s actually waving to the camera. I’d be terrified!

Anyway, proud Granny signing off now.

Have a great day!
Linda x

P.S. Google The Eden Project and see what I mean 🙂


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