Yay, it’s Monday


Sometimes life just stands on it’s head! Had no internet over the weekend and crappy phone signal so most of the weekend plans went out of the window. I don’t have a TV either so rely on netflix for entertainment in zoning out times – which happen more frequently than I care to admit!

But this weekend was different.

I didn’t realize just how many times I google something every day. Before mobile phones, in the days when libraries were our main source of information, did we not ask so many questions? And the questions we did ask were probably related to the bigger picture in all arenas.

I never went to my local library to find out if Spock was still alive, and do I really need to know that?

I’ve heard it said that we consume more information in one day than our ancestors may have done in a lifetime. This sounds an extreme statistic and I guess it depends on how many generations we want to compare with, but it kind of makes sense. Especially when we have information at our fingertips 24/7.

But what to do when you power-down?

I actually had a very relaxing and productive weekend, using the time to de-clutter and tidy stuff. From the flower pots in the shed to the documents on my laptop, the clutter was growing daily. Of course there’s more to do so have a few more things on my to-do list but the tidy bits are great! I might just declare next Sunday to be internet-free…..

Having said all that, I am so pleased it’s Monday and I’m connected to the world again, so yay, it’s Monday! Have a great week 🙂

Linda x

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