Christmas Knits


Well, autumn (or fall) is in the air and the evenings are starting to get just that bit longer. Instead of moaning about the shorter days and chillier nights, I’ve decided to get Christmas knitting again!

Last year I made cozy slippers and gloves for everyone but I haven’t got enough yarn in my stash bag this year so thought I’d try my hand at knitting mini gifts instead.

I just knitted some holly which I might turn into a badge – by attaching a safety pin to the back perhaps.

‘Winter Knits’ (Knits-u-love) may come in handy as well. The penguin, snowman and santa claus toys make cute little stocking fillers and they come with their own sleeping bags. A couple of months ago, I knitted a few penguins in bright colours, gave them a tuft of hair and they turned into penguins of paradise!

The best bit of all this, apart from enjoying the art of knitting – which also stops me from indulging in a chocolate feast every night – is the fact that all these little gifts and decorations are plastic-free.

Leaving it all to the last minute usually means grabbing whatever Christmassy stuff comes up that’s affordable – which often means plastic throwaway rubbish – I speak from experience 🙂

Even if you haven’t got yarn stashed, a couple of colours won’t cost much and will probably work out cheaper for your pocket while you’re helpng to save the planet – and everyone loves a home-made gift! – win-win-win!!

Pop over to knits u love – choose your pattern now and enjoy your autumn evenings 🙂

And if you haven’t got a knitting shop near you, Amazon seem to have just about everything you could possibly need… This pack of yarn will create lots of little gifts…


Marriner Yarns Double Knit Bumper Pack | 20 x 100g Balls of Double Knitting Yarn (6000m Approx) | 100% Acrylic

Happy Knitting!

Linda x

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