Writing of Course!


I’ve been writing professionally for years; published and self published several books. Now I’m looking to help others write their books and get them published.

I can’t guarantee an agent or publishing contract – Getting my own ideas looked at often involves a marathon of research and email rejections. 🙂

But, I do know how to put a non-fiction book together, write a proposal and self-publish a book on many different platforms and retailers websites.

Marketing and making a reasonable living is another ball game entirely!

So, my next project is going to be a writing workshop for aspiring writers or people who just have something they want to share, either locally or with the whole world.

I’ve started putting the course together and over six weeks I’m hoping my students will be inspired to keep on writing and with a little luck and effort, actually make some well-earned income.

My very first attempt is going to be off-line. Writing tends to be a solitary occupation and I’ve spent the last decade and more glued to my laptop, hardly speaking to anyone outside my immediate family and friends, so that’s about to change!

I’ve been studying coaching, course creating and writing for a while now so I feel I’m ready. Absolutely terrified of getting it wrong, but that’s par for the course when we start anything new 🙂

I’m looking at local venues, drafting flyers and working out costs at the moment. There’s going to be a lot of leg work involved when I get the flyers printed but I could probably do with the exercise! Although, come to think of it, I might be able to persuade a couple of my grandchildren to help.

This won’t actually happen until next March – lots to do beforehand – but feeling good about the project and lots of positive feedback coming my way, so fingers, toes, ears and eyes crossed.

In the meantime, another project is in development, which is going to help me develop my own writing and editorial skills and also be a positive force for the whole planet. Yep, big dreams and optimism on overdrive, but I’ve had a meeting with a business connector who I’m hoping will help me get the idea moving to the next level… watch this space!

Enjoy the moment 🙂

Linda x

P.S. If the workshop goes well, I might fall in love with my laptop again and create a virtual course.

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