Chocolate Truffles


Rich and delicious grown up treats! This recipe (found in The Chocolate Book, and modified slightly) makes about 30 truffles.

Six in a nice box would make a lovely gift. I made some mini truffles as a gift. See P.S. for photo.


8oz (225g.) Milk or Dark Chocolate
4oz (125g.) butter, diced
6oz (175g.) icing sugar
2 teaspoons (10mls) liquer (tia maria, brandy etc;)

For the coating:
Truffles can be coated in any of the following:
grated chocolate
chocolate hundreds and thousands
ground nuts
cocoa powder
ground praline
icing sugar


1. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water then remove from heat.
2. Add the butter and liqueur and beat until smooth
3. Beat in the icing sugar
4. Chill until firm
5. Shape into 1inch (2.5cm) balls and roll in chosen coating.
6. Place in paper cases and keep cool


Get it delivered! Why not ay? 🙂


Light Chocolate Flavoured Vermicelli 750g, Sugar Strands Sprinkles


Wilton 415-2872 Baking Cases Elegance, Standard, Paper, Multicolour, Pack of 150  Amazon

I always forget to put baking ingredients on my regular shopping list, but ordering them online gets them in my kitchen ready to go!

Bon Appetit

Linda x

P.S. Just before Christmas I made some small truffles without the alcohol for a family gift. They all got eaten!

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