Asparagus Recipes

More olden style recipe ideas. This time it’s asparagus in the spotlight.

Personally I love asparagus and tend to fry it gently in olive oil for a few minutes or grill it but there are other ways …. 🙂

“I would prefer to read ‘steam’ rather than simmer or boil, but whatever works for you is good!”

Kitchen Garden Asparagus Recipes

Asparagus Points. -Cut off enough heads in two-inch lengths to make three pints. Gently boil until tender, drain off the water, add a half cup of cream, and salt if desired. Serve at once.

“This seems a little wasteful as read, but the rest of the asparagus stalks can be made into a soup or simply steamed and served as they are.”

Asparagus on Toast. -Cook the asparagus until tender, drain and place on slices of lightly cooked toast moistened slightly with the asparagus water. Pour over all a cream sauce prepared as directed below.

Asparagus with Cream Sauce. -Thoroughly wash asparagus, tie in small bunches, and put into boiling water; boil till perfectly tender. Drain thoroughly, untie the bunches, place the stalks all the same way upon a hot plate, with a dressing prepared as follows: Let a pint of cream come to boiling point, and stir into it salt to taste and a level tablespoonful of flour creamed with a little (cold) cream.

Asparagus with Egg Sauce. -Prepare and cook asparagus as directed above. When tender, drain thoroughly, and serve on a hot dish or on slices of lightly browned toast, with an egg sauce prepared in the following manner:
Heat a half cup of rich milk to boiling, add salt, and turn into it, very slowly, the well-beaten yolk of an egg, stirring constantly at the same time. Let the whole just thicken, and remove from heat at once. Pour over asparagus and serve hot.

Stewed Asparagus. -Wash, break into inch pieces and simmer till tender. Add sufficient rich milk, part cream if convenient, to make a gravy, thicken slightly with flour, a teaspoonful to a pint of milk; add salt if desired, boil quickly, and serve.

Asparagus and Peas. -Asparagus and green peas make a nice dish served together, and if of proportionate age, require the same length of time to cook. Wash the asparagus, shell and look over the peas, put together into boiling water, cook, and serve as directed for stewed asparagus above.

“Sooooo much cream again! Nice treat from time to time but it’s probably best to experiment with lower fat alternatives whenever possible.”

Bon Appetit!

Linda x

P.S. There’s nothing like going for it. This book appears to be dedicated entirely to asparagus. I haven’t bought it yet but it looks pretty cool!

365 Yummy Asparagus Recipes

Although this isn’t a vegetarian book, the recipes are angled in such a way that encourages people to eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables, and it presents a variety of vegan choices.

365 Yummy Asparagus Recipes

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