Gardening Now

gardeningnow-pinQuite a few years ago I ran a very popular gardening website – I even had an email list!

For various reasons, I had to give it up, but my passion for plants and all things gardening never went away so, drum roll please, I’m doing it once more 🙂

I have a garden again, a small one, but space enough to grow some fabulous herbs and even a few veggies I hope. But, true to my nature, I can’t keep it to myself so I’ll be sharing extracts from my huge collection of articles and books and a few new ideas thrown in for good measure.

At the moment I’m doing it via a free platform but if it takes off, I’ll get a proper domain name. Here’s the link if you’d like to take a look, although it is a work in progress so not fully populated yet. Garden Ideas

The plants section has some great tips on growing flowers, fruits, veggies and herbs. And there are a few general gardening ideas and decor pages but that’s about it for now!

I’ll keep you posted as and when new stuff gets published, but start planning your gardening endeavours now so you’re ready for spring planting…

Happy Gardening!

Linda x

P.S. Now’s the time to start planning your next garden adventure! Just posted a new page with some great outdoor decor ideas – 10 Stunning Outdoor Decorations





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