Garden Supplies


…..the do’s and don’ts!

You don’t always land up with the garden supplies you wanted. A shed full of expensive garden ‘stuff’ that no-one’s ever going to use is easily acquired…

The best way to a home-cooked meal is a well-stocked kitchen, and the best way to home-grown crops is a well-stocked shed full of gear you CAN use.

Your Garden Supplies – Power Gear:

Work out what you need in the way of tools and equipment first. Don’t bother buying the latest turbo-mini-tractor if you don’t need it. If there’s just a regular lawn to mow, a little exercise with a mower isn’t too hard really. And to satisfy the ‘fun’ you’re not having, buy the latest turbo-mini-bike, and keep it in the garage – NOT the shed!

After the big tools, there’ll be a number of hand tools like

rakes, spades, forks, hoes etc;

I purposely made this list plural because you always need an extra spade to let a friend have a go when the digging gets tough! If your budget will stretch, it’s worth buying more than one of most hand tools, especially if you have a large garden to maintain

This Set of 5 Gardening Tools looks good. A Shovel, Fork, Rake, Hoe and Edging Spade at Amazon UK.

I haven’t used these tools but it does look like a good deal.

Garden supplies – Equipment:

Then you’ll need some equipment –
plant pots
seed trays
hand trowel/s
plant markers
clear plastic/glass sheets for propagating seeds
watering cans

Some of these garden accessories can be recycled from household throw-aways; vegetable boxes lined with cardboard make great seed trays for example.

A bench or old table in a potting shed is invaluable. Make sure it’s at a good height for you. Avoid back strain at all costs.

Other stuff:

Other supplies are needed at regular intervals throughout the gardening year and it’s a good idea to keep a gardening diary to note when you should be buying and planting. You may need:

seed/potting compost
packets of seeds
new fruit canes/trees
bedding plants
seed potatoes

and if you make your own cloches for early veg you may need to replace the plastic every year or two, depending on the quality and weather conditions. With plastic being a bit of a dodgy word these days, maybe look for some glass, old windows for example, and build a few frames. If you have to use plastic, recycle as much as you can, or if the budget will stretch, see if you can find some plant-based plastic sheets.

If you use those environment friendly seedling pots that you plant without removing your seedling, you’ll have to add these to your yearly list of equipment or make your own!


This Paper Pot Maker is Plastic free and makes fun biodegradable plant pots from scrap paper. At Amazon (UK) again!

Your Garden Supplies – Where on earth to get it all!:

If you like to buy local and you haven’t a clue, start with your neighbours. Ask them where they go, and if you get them talking ask them ‘why’ as well! Check the local business phone and online directories.

There are some wonderful garden supplies online. I tend to stick with Amazon and local suppliers but look around and ask for recommendations.

When you find somewhere you’re happy with, get involved with them and keep up to date with newsletters and bulletins. Lists of garden supplies straight to your inbox!

Happy Gardening!

Linda x

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