Feeling Blessed


I am so blessed. As I’ve got older, birthdays have tended to be a bit quieter but this last weekend blew that right out of the window!

It began on Friday when my youngest daughter and boyfriend surprised me when they flew over from the south of France and landed in my kitchen! Wonderful.

We had lunch in town together on Saturday with my son and planned on having dinner out – what a treat. And, ignoring the rain, we had a great day.

My lovely daughter insisted I ‘get ready’ to go out as opposed to what I normally do – comfy jeans and hoody style 🙂 – and when we got to the restaurant, I understood why. ….

A surprise party – a huge table with lots of my lovely family, balloons, flowers and even, a bit later, a birthday cake!

I was trembling for at least half an hour and had a crazy grin on my face for most of the evening. We all carried on with an impromptu party until after midnight. What a fabulous treat.

Dancing and a couple of glasses of red wine surrounded by family was definitely the best birthday surprise ever and of course I just had to blog it 🙂

The memory will keep coming up and reminding me just how blessed I am. A happy memory can always soothe the tougher times.

Linda x

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