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Gardening Proverbs, quotes and sayings

Many gardening proverbs, quotes and sayings relate to everyday living. I guess it all dates back to when we were obliged to grow our own vegetables or we didn’t eat….now THERE’S a thought!

The great thing about gardening is that there is so much history, tradition and vats of knowledge and information available.

Since humans walked on 2 legs they’ve been gardening in one form or another, (or at least foraging in the wild!) so I guess we all should have a little of the gardener in us somewhere – and maybe even a few gardening proverbs!

Here’s a quote that used to confuse me terribly when I was a child!:

“As the garden grows so does the gardener.”
There is a wealth of knowledge in a growing space. It’s always a good idea to chat with an ageing gardener. Pick their brains! Most of them will love sharing their expertise in the garden. And a lot of gardeners will quote gardening proverbs in the form of traditional sayings as a way of life.


“Friends are flowers than never fade.”
I love this quote. I lived overseas from my family and friends for many years and this quote has particular significance for me .


“From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow.”
This wonderful gardening proverb even appears on new baby greeting cards.


“A garden is a work of art in progress.”
Having spent more than ten years renovating a neglected acre of woodland, I can honestly say this quote is true! Gardening not only provides you with plenty of exercise, it’s also a superb outlet for your creative imagination. And maybe the creative juices will come up with some gardening proverbs of your own.

proverbs book

I looked around for a good proverb book and kind of got stuck on the dictionary style! This one is on Amazon (UK link)

Back to the Garden Speaks……

“Reap what you sow”
This very well known gardening proverb can be applied to just about every single aspect of your life, from building a business to washing the dishes. I guess it could also be a gentle reminder to be nice to each other!

“As fresh as a daisy”
This is a nice sunny quote! And one of many ‘flower’ quotes. One of the great unanswered questions of all time must be ‘how does a flower grow?’ – and as they are so beautiful, it’s no wonder poets throughout the ages have been inspired to write one-liners through to whole encyclopaedias’ of flowers.


“Can’t see the wood for the trees.”
Oh, how many times I’ve spouted this neat little saying over the years. When we took on our acre of neglected woodland, this gardening proverb took on a very literal meaning!


“Digging a hole for yourself.”
I’m not sure if this was originally a ‘gardening proverb’ or ‘building’ quote, but reminding yourself of this quote at emotionally charged moments, can save you a whole heap of trouble!


“Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.”
I had to throw this one in. Molehills can be a pain in the garden, but we’ve found the soil they dig up has been so finely worked by the mole’s expert paws, that it’s good enough to grow seeds in! So we learned not to make a problem of the moles, but used what they so generously provided. 🙂


“The grass is always greener on the other side.”
Well of course it appears that way. In looking further afield, we focus our vision and fail to recognise all sorts of glitches. Your grass is green enough, now let’s add some colour!


“Stop and smell the roses.”
Remember to take time out in your busy schedule for the good things in life, whether it’s playing games with your kids or relaxing in your scent-filled garden.


Happy Gardening!

Linda x

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