Don’t Clean Yet


Thinking about spring cleaning? We’ve still got arctic conditions going on but we live in hope :-).

When the sun eventually does show up it’s going to highlight the smudgy windows, the dust particles floating around and the general aftermath of winter wellies and celebrations.

But before you rush for the rubber gloves and mop, there’s a shortcut to cleaning that we should all adopt…

De-clutter first!

De-cluttering my world got so important, I even had to write a book – that I follow as well. The memory’s not as good as it was!

I’ve moved homes lots of times and I lived in a van for about eight years so an organized home-life ( especially with four kids ) became obligatory for me. And I like to apply the process to my work space as well. Writing books demands a certain amount of organization as well as creativity – this is where the left brain and right brain start intermingling and often getting confused or overwhelmed.

If you have a busy home life it’s likely you’re collecting clutter that you just ‘put up with’ because those piles of stuff grow quietly and steadily without you noticing. Sneaky huh?!

So take it step by step. Starting from the top if you live on more than more floor is a good practice because everything gets taken down and closer to the exit. Although in my house it often gets piled in the kitchen for a while. Hmmm….

But how ever many floors you have, start with the bedrooms. Getting rid of clothes you’ll never wear again is strangely therapeutic. You could maybe get a little cash for the good clothes via Ebay or second hand clothes shop. Or give them to your local charity shop. Items sold go to good homes and help people or animals in need.

Anyway, if you’d like to have a copy of De-Cluttering, it’s downloadable and cheap as chips! (see below for shop links) – Please don’t quote me on that. You may well be able to get cheaper chips 🙂

So Spring Cleaning suddenly got a bit easier….

When the house is tidy, it’s so much quicker and more efficient to get the cleaning done. When there are piles of stuff cluttering up the space, they have to be moved to clean then moved back again. Phew. I’d rather exercise with a nice yoga session than shift piles of toys, books or general paraphernalia around.

Well, nearly time to spring clean the house. I’ve de-cluttered and now looking into ideas to get the job done properly without using any chemicals or plastic based materials. This may be a challenge but if I find some eco-friendly short-cuts, I’ll post them asap.

Enjoy your space!

Linda x

De- Cluttering

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