Strange Connections


I could theorize until the cows come home (?!) but sometimes there is just no logical explanation why we connect certain things with other certain things.

When you hear a particular song, you may be transported back in time to an old flame or a sad or happy occasion. ‘Fly me to the Moon’ (Frank Sinatra) always takes me back to my dad’s funeral. Sad, but memories of him soon come flooding back – and he did love the song!

And we have certain smells, visuals, tastes and even textures that have very meaningful memories or sometimes the experience is so auspicious, you make a new memory right then and there 🙂

But then there are those illogical connections that can’t be analysed – theorised perhaps, but not always easy to find the reason you’re looking for. It’s kind of like analysing dreams I suppose. There are always bits you forget in amongst the weirdness.

My latest weird connection is ‘roast potatoes and Merlin’ ???? Yep, will elaborate a bit but honestly don’t even go down that analytical road…. If I’m making roast potatoes for dinner, I always have to put on an episode of Merlin – goodness knows what I’ll do if Netflix takes it down. Give up roast potatoes perhaps?! Noooooo 🙂

Someone close once described me as colourful and slightly off-centre. And perhaps they had a point. I would love to hear about your strange connections – nothing risque please – my grandchildren may be reading this!

Oddly yours
Linda x


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