My Garden Journal


When I first started gardening, it was chaos. I always seemed to forget when I sowed seeds or planted out seedlings, which meant inevitably I missed a crucial element in getting the best from my crops.

So, I finally realised it was a good idea to keep notes. I keep notes about everything, to-do lists, not-to-do lists, birthdays to remember etc; so why hadn’t I thought of it with the gardening adventure? Who knows. But of course I do have a theory 🙂

When you go out into nature, whether it’s on your balcony, patio, back garden or for a woodland walk, it’s easy to lose yourself in the moment. I often wander into the garden at random moments – usually to avoid the washing up glaring at me in the kitchen – and while I’m out there, I may decide a plant needs re-potting or the fish need feeding or maybe just a few weeds need evicting. Or it might be just one of those ‘breathe the air and admire the flowers’ times.

But whatever lures you outside, it often has a feeling of freedom about it. Then, why would you think about clipboards, pens and journals?

Even if you haven’t got a garden, you could grow a few herbs on the windowsill to add some cordon bleu designs to your everyday dinners!

But if you have got a garden and are planning to do anything at all this year, I would suggest keeping some notes. I put together this handy pdf printable this week. And it’s going to help you get the most from your garden. Every month has some gardening job suggestions for temperate climate dwellers.

Adjust to your region and weather conditions as you need to. Gardening has to be a flexible hobby simply because we can’t control the weather! There are also a few handy gardening tips and resources you may find helpful


My Garden Journal

Because it’s a pdf it’s easy to download and print should you so wish. Available from Etsy 

Otherwise, I hope you get lots of outside time this year and wishing you bumper crops and delicious nutrition for all your family and friends.

Happy Gardening!

Linda x

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