Coping Strategies; Practical Stuff


Over the next seven days I’ll be posting some ideas and coping strategies to hopefully help us all stay grounded until, well.. ‘this too shall pass’

Day 1 – Practical Stuff
Day 2 – Nourishment
Day 3 – Connecting
Day 4 – Relaxing
Day 5 – Playing
Day 6 – Learning
Day 7 – Moving On

I was going to try and make an acronym of these titles but there weren’t any vowels to play with 🙂 **See end note update**

We’re living in uncertain times and looking back over the past year, we’ve seen some radical movements in climate change campaigns, political tidal waves and plenty of self-care and life coaches popping up. I saw a post the other day saying

“I’m feeling like the planet has sent us all to our rooms to think about what we’ve done”

So, if you’re self-isolating or in compulsory lock-down or if you’re house-bound in any way, the following days could be more difficult than usual to navigate. Time to look within. Nothing much you can do out there anyway, unless you’re on the front line, in which case you are our heroes and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Day One – Coping Strategies for Practical Stuff

Looking at practical ways to deal with being at home with the family and not diving into the gin bottle. Not all of these ideas will resonate – pick the ones that do.

*Schedule: If you are used to a schedule, it may be a good idea to create one now. But don’t forget a lot can and may have to be juggled. At work, your colleagues know what has to be done, and to a large extent they do it. It’s different at home. If you find yourself having an argument with a three-year-old (btw, you won’t win) remember, their rules are different – i.e. they have no rules! Be prepared to be flexible and go with the flow.

*Make Lists: Different from schedules because they can be made by everyone individually. If you are sharing chores, everyone writes their chore on their list as well as the other things they want to get done in a day. Try writing your list for the next day just before bedtime. Then when you wake up, you’ll know what you ‘should’ be doing today.

*Parenting: Children actually thrive with certain boundaries and direction. You may not be home-schooling but there’s so much more to learn and now’s a great opportunity to get up to speed with any anti-social behaviours emerging. They happen, and children shouldn’t be dismissed as ‘naughty’ or ‘delinquent’ because it’s just their way of learning social skills and also pushing their parents as far as they can sometimes – be prepared!

*Think ahead: Yes this too shall pass but maybe not as quickly as we want it to, so thinking ahead could save you frustration and anxiety in the weeks to come. Take stock of what provisions you have. If you’re not one of those who has stock piled so much you are depriving others, and I’m not going into that because it makes me crazy, then you may have to work out just how many toilet rolls and packets of pasta you will need in a couple of weeks from now and maybe get an online order in now.

Just a few ideas on practical coping strategies. Tomorrow we’re talking about Nourishment.

Keep well

Linda x

**Update: Life got in the way of my seven day plan unfortunately but there are tons of posts to help you with everyday life at home and with the family. Browse and enjoy!

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