Well day two turned out to be nearly two weeks late! So much – and so little – going on right now on this crazy planet of ours.

Nourishment or nutrition was to be my next post so, chocolate aside, what can we eat to make us feel good and doesn’t require a cordon bleu diploma?

If you’re vegan you probably have all this stuff sussed by now. I haven’t managed the step yet as I don’t know quite how I would survive without eggs or honey, but there’s time, there’s time!

In my region, we’re not finding it easy to get basic foodstuffs (at affordable prices) and, having moved house fairly recently, I hadn’t yet stocked my food cupboards so I’m having to be very inventive when it comes to dinners. Some work out better than others. 🙂

If you can get hold of fresh veg and a few herbs though, soups go down well and a crusty loaf of bread will satisfy the carb cravings.

I like to make soups and one-pot meals – less washing-up! But also, when you make soup, you’re keeping the nutrients in, rather than draining them away after steaming or boiling. And the more nutrients we can get, at the moment especially, the better.

In the UK, we should be in asparagus season about now. Asparagus is probably my favourite veggie but tends to be expensive. Making soup seems to make it go further.

Note to self: Remember to get some asparagus crowns to plant!

Anyway, there’s a recipe below from  this page and I hope you enjoy it.

Aside from fresh vegetables, dried foods can help fill the gap. Pasta seems to have become one of the most bought items in the big supermarkets. Whether you buy wholemeal, plain or gluten-free pasta, there are a ton of recipes you could try that liven it up a bit. Make it as enjoyable as you can.

(I’m a fine one to talk as years of cooking for a big family made me a very lazy kitchen person.  Nutritious? – tick = throw it on a plate.)

But yesterday, I had a moment of madness and created a pasta bake out of random ingredients. Lots of prep but quite fun and definitely not hard! Apologies to vegans and vegetarians but this is what I did:

*Cooked the gluten-free pasta (for two servings), drained and put in a bowl.
*Steamed a handful of torn up kale
*Grilled 3 thin rashers of bacon, then cut into small pieces
*Boiled two eggs, peeled and chopped them
*Gently fried 2 chopped fresh tomatoes and 3 cloves of chopped garlic

Mixed all the cooked ingredients together in a bowl, then I made a plain white sauce, using cornflour and milk. Found a little cheddar, so grated that and stirred it into the white sauce until melted. Poured the sauce over the bowl of pasta mix and stirred it gently to coat everything.

Then I popped it in the oven – not too hot – for about 20-25 minutes. Serve with any green salad or veg you can rustle up.

It was interesting and tasted good but a little bland. I didn’t have any fresh herbs, but if you have some, definitely add them. But, mostly, use what you have in the cupboard, tinned sweetcorn and tuna go well together. Experiment!

So, the promised asparagus soup recipe…..

butter or margarine
water or stock
1 medium sized onion

1. Prepare asparagus and onion and cut into small pieces.
2. Melt butter in saucepan and add asparagus and onions. Cook gently until the vegetables start to soften. Keep the heat low and a careful eye open at this stage. Don’t burn the precious veggies!
3. Add stock and seasoning and bring to the boil. Simmer until vegetables are soft.
4. Either serve as a clear soup or puree the vegetables in a blender or through a sieve. Re-heat gently.

Bon Appetit!

Linda x

P.S. There’s a long list of family recipes here


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