Turning Ideas into Projects


I’ve been working on a project for about a year – on and off – and had a few tech-traumas along the way but I’m very close to finishing it.

‘It’ being a downloadable pattern for a throw that anyone can have a go at. The versatility of these kind of projects is second to none. Use recycled yarn or scraps in your knitting basket or you could go all out and design a beautiful work of art.

I loved making this throw and it gets tons of complements 🙂

Anyway, it’ll be up on Etsy in a couple of days – fingers crossed – so as someone somewhere said ‘watch this space!’ **See P.S. for update

As well as knitting, many of us are getting into different hobbies that have been sidelined for years and although we’re living in uncertain times, enjoying the moment is perhaps the one thing we can all focus on. Even washing up or sweeping the floor can be a moment of enjoyment and perhaps reflection.

When an idea turns up, don’t dismiss it immediately because of outside obstacles – finances, isolating etc; – because, even if you don’t know how to execute it, there’s so much information available and learning is always a bonus.

Although I made this throw nearly a year ago, most of the challenging work to create the digital patterns has been done in the past month!

If the ideas are coming thick and fast, attach a notepad and pen to yourself somewhere – a pocket would probably be best. 🙂 and jot down ideas as they happen. At the end of the day or week, go over your notes and spend a little time with each idea.

If one of them suddenly seems ridiculously off the planet, discard it or scale it down. Anything that seems feasible stays. Then really consider if you would enjoy following through each idea. If you don’t know and it’s not going to cost an arm an a leg to find out, do it. A new experience has to be worthwhile, surely?

What you are left with should be good ideas that you would love to carry out. Then go for it!

Stay Safe
Linda x

P.S. **Update – available at my new Etsy Shop now!

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