Late Night Knitting


Well, it’s up and running. The pattern’s in my Etsy shop as of a couple of hours ago. Pulled a very-late-nighter but so pleased it’s done and I can share it with everyone.

I’ve been asked about this throw for ages and finally got my act together to create the patterns. Getting the ‘math’ head working isn’t always easy but after triple checking everything, I hope I remembered all my multiplication tables correctly!

Scroll down for the direct link to this pattern.

The nature of this design means you can use odd balls of yarn or create a blending design. It’s up to you. I’m not an artist but because I only used three colours, the ‘blending’ worked really well.

Size is down to you as well. Make it as big or small as you want. Anything from king sized bed-size down to cushion covers perhaps?

Knitting is such a good antidote to snacking. It hardly takes up any room. And you can often find knitters donating odd balls of yarn if you ask around. Or you could buy a pack of multi-coloured yarns on Amazon. Get your pattern first though – whether it’s for a throw like this or anything else, so that you know what needles and yarn type you need.

And how about knitting Christmas this year! I’ve got a few patterns at the Etsy shop designed for beginner knitters, including the Ekokid doll range, that could all be possible Christmas gifts. (The Ekokids are non-plastic versions of Barbie, but much easier to play with for little hands and much less plastic!)

Knitting is an amazing hobby and this is a time we can explore new ways of living and consuming. Millions of people are taking up gardening – like we should ever have stopped growing food! And so many more hobbies and life skills to explore. Start easy though. Enjoy the moment and whatever you decide to nominate as your next project, I wish you pleasure in your pursuits 🙂

Happy Knitting!

Linda x

P.S. So, as promised here is the direct link to The Heirloom Throw pattern.

This beautiful family heirloom is a great project that can be picked up at any time and made to your own design and with your favourite colours. If you can cast on, cast off, knit and purl, you’re off the starting block already!

There are 25 patterns with 16 graphs included and lots of tips in this downloadable pattern.

Print each graph separately or work straight from your device. Printing or working from a tablet, laptop or PC is recommended. A phone is a little small for following a graph pattern.

There are three files to download ‘Heirloom Throw Book One’, ‘Heirloom Throw Book Two’ and ‘Heirloom Throw Book Three’. Please note this item is a pattern, not the finished product. Heirloom Throw Pattern

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