Where Do I Start?

Would you love to avoid plastic, keep to a budget and give planet-friendly gifts this year? But you have no crafting skills? No problem.

You can make a personal gift for an aspiring or seasoned gardener with zero crafting skills. Here are three easy steps to make an eco-friendly gift that will inspire and delight.

Treat your family and friends to their own personal Garden Journal this year. And the more you make, the cheaper it gets!

Step One

First, pop over to Etsy and download this printable Garden Journal. Browse all the products or choose ‘printables’ from the product menu. You’ll be looking for this gorgeous cover:

The price at the time of writing is only £2.40 in the UK. and has 40 pages with gardening tips and an infinite amount of garden journalling space. Keep your download in a place you’ll remember – Desktop is usually my go-to 🙂 – then go to next step…

Step Two

Buy a folder. I prefer non-plastic wherever possible but it’s entirely your own choice. Choose something that you like if the gift is for you! – or choose a style that suits your friend or family member. From simple document wallets to glorious hand-made organic folders, the choice here is truly huge!

This assorted pack of ten document wallets are only £3.49 with free postage at time of writing Document Wallets.

For a more elaborate approach, if you’re in the UK, take a peek at Chicken Pink. I can personally recommend their creations – When I hold one of their journals in my hands I honestly want to stroke it!

But if you do go for a budget-friendly variety, you can pretty them up in step three…

Step Three

Get printing! Two options here:

1) Print the whole thing if you want to stick the cover on a plain folder, or there are lots of royalty-free images online to choose from. You’ll also need a pot of glue. Or

2) Print all pages except the cover (saves on ink!) if you’ve chosen a decorative folder.

Then put all the pages, in order, in your chosen folder. One gift sorted. Tah dah! Now you have the download you can make as many of these gifts as you want without having to download it again. Don’t you just love digital. 🙂

I hope you enjoy creating your home-made gifts.

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Stay Safe

Linda x

P.S. There are a few more printables in the Etsy shop – so if gardening doesn’t resonate with everyone, there are other options 🙂

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