Positive Number Play

With all the Covid, vaccines and political and scientific statistics bombarding every news item, numbers have been playing a pretty negative role in our lives at the moment.

But for those of you who like playing with numbers check this out…

I downloaded a numeric spark from the universe today and had some positive fun with numbers and letters. This is what I did but you can play with any dates, days and letters….

Because I live in ‘England’ this works for me!..

For the year 2021:

2+0+2+1 = 5

The 5th letter of the alphabet is E

The first letter of England is E

England is about to embark on 5 major E’s in 2021:

1. Europe– no doubt there’s gonna be a lot of negotiations with Europe this year.

2. Environment- many of us are growing more food and needing less plastic and fuel. And (hopefully) the farmers will re-classify their unused fields and grow crops we don’t have to import.

3. Energy– high bills and low wages aren’t fun but they are changing the way we consume energy. And the energy we enjoy while gardening will help keep us healthy!

4. Enterprise– entrepreneurs and creatives all over the country are getting out there and creating more home-spun ideas and helping their communities.

5. Enlightenment– well come on, after all these fabulous E’s there has to be some enlightenment going on 🙂

And a couple of bonuses:

The above E’s are always Evolving and this could be a very Exciting year..

Enjoy the moment!

Linda x

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