Pocket Bags: Name Change!

Well, they’ve taken on a few names over the past few months and many different design ideas but after much polishing of the pattern and playing with catchy names, I think I’ve got there – finally!

Honestly, when I first had this idea, I thought it was going to be straightforward. I mean, it’s just a tiny bag after all and if I was making them for me or the family then the original version would probably have been fine. BUT my mind went off on a creative escapade of its own and I had no choice but to follow 🙂

So now I’m ready, or as ready as I’ll ever be, to get this Crowdfunder campaign rolling. I’m only looking for a few donations to pay for the packaging – the bags have to be presented nicely and if they’re in their own little box, they make great gifts as well.

But more to the point, I’m doing this to showcase small and local businesses and with a view to keeping everything as enironment friendly as possible. The bags will eventually be on sale on a new UK creative sellers platform – Home of the Mall – which was recently created as an alternative to Etsy because, although a great site, Etsy has got so big that it’s not easy to get seen, however good your product is.

So my biggest task now is to promote the crowdfunder campaign as much as possible and, hopefully, find a few people who would love to support small businesses and the creative arts. Fingers crossed!

I should be able to publish tomorrow and I’ll post a quick update here when it’s live just in case you’d like to see what I’m up to!

Stay safe

Linda x

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