Pocket Crowdfunder

Yes! The Crowdfunder campaign’s published. Not sure what to do now.

But I guess I need to tell as many people as possible about it. The idea has so many good points to it that I really want to get it off the ground.

The money isn’t as important as the exposure – well, the small target of £150 would get the idea launched of course but overall I want to help support small businesses and local communities.

Here are some points about Pocket Bags and where they’re going:

*Practical handmade extra ‘pockets’ that tie onto belts, bags purses etc;

*Lovely gift idea for you or a friend

*Goal is to launch a local cottage industry and a business model ready to share nationally or even internationally.

*New designs, colours and sizes in development all the time

If you’d like to take a look at my Crowdfunder page and share it, I would be so grateful. It’s not a highly polished affair just a simple homemade campaign for simple handmade products.

Stay Safe

Linda x

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