Growing Food

Growing food is as good as printing money – in fact it’s much much better than printing money because there are no printing costs involved and growing food allows you to nourish your body with organic fresh fruit, veg and herbs all year round.

Because of the recent lockdowns and ridiculous testing system, people are finding some supermarket shelves empty.

Suddenly growing our own food and learning how to survive, without some of the conveniences we’ve had available to many of us in recent times, seems almost compulsory.

If you haven’t got a garden or any outdoor growing space don’t despair. Here are 3 possible alternatives.

1.Use pots on windowsills and other bright spots – although be careful of direct sunlight. Buy, or acquire, some pots, compost and seeds and away you go!

2. Invest in a grow-tent. These tents are often sold as ways to grow cannabis plants but they can also be used to grow some delicious food crops. The investment is higher initially but it will pay for itself in organic food.

Grow Tent, Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Gardening Plant Germination

This tent is cute but do your research. You’ll need lights with some tents and not with others.

3.Hydroponics is another way to grow food indoors. See this post Hydroponics to get an idea of the outlay and process.

If you have a garden or some outdoor space though, the possibilities are endless. I lived on an acre of land many years ago and less than a quarter of that land put food on the table for the whole family for most of the year.

I have a very small garden now, by comparison, but at the moment, I’m growing:

Lettuce and mixed salad leaves
Peppers and chili peppers
Pea shoots
Dwarf Kale and Tuscan Kale
Spring Onions
Cape Gooseberries

These are a few snapshots of my very busy garden at the moment!

Plus there are various herbs growing:

3 varieties of mint

Admittedly, the garden is now a narrow path amongst many pots and growing spaces, 🙂 but the joy it brings is incomparable. The harvest isn’t huge but it’s very satisfying to be able to pick and eat fresh vegetables on an ‘almost’ daily basis.

Watering and nurturing plants is one of the most peaceful and practical hobbies in the world. Avoiding plastic-wrapped non-organic and perhaps genetically modified vegetables is a big plus for me as well.

Saving the planet while pottering in the garden just works on all levels!

Check out a few of these posts if you’re unsure where to start growing food for you and your family. All very quick reads designed to inspire 🙂

10 Easy Steps to Happy Gardening

Garden Supplies

Gardening by the Moon

My Garden Journal

Happy Gardening!

Linda x

P.S. I’ve written quite extensively on growing stuff and there are lots of downloads available in many different online book stores listed here

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